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Why you need oxygen concentrator ?

An oxygen concentrator is a device employed in oxygen therapy which changes the degree of oxygen in an area to match a patient's personal needs. These devices are frequently used rather than compressed oxygen, because they supply several benefits over tanks. Additionally, there are portable oxygen concentrators which could be utilised in a individual's automobile, or brought together to other places for convenience. Here, we'll tackle a few of the reasons to select among those devices for the oxygen therapy regimen.

The concentrator is essentially an air filter, since it pulls nitrogen from the atmosphere to rise the amount of O2 in a space. This oxygen level could be placed in increments of four per cent, anyplace involving twenty five percent (which can be ordinary room amount) to one-hundred per cent. This permits a patient to get just as much oxygen as they need. Concentrators may also offer oxygen in pulsed or constant flows. Among the chief reasons patients select c…